Plundered Paradise

Only if the clouds could know, what happened in the plundered paradise - of the nice things what once was there.   Only if the rain could show us apart - a man of virtue from another of vice, and we could lay our soul bare.    



The mountain echoed- The gunshots fired the night before, Through the valley bellow. Air, that once brushed pass - And whistled through the valley, Now is heavy with gunpowder; Slowly suffocating all that once lived. The girl who went missing - The week before, has finally returned home, And is resting in her yard, wrapped;… Continue reading Echo

Flightless Bird

"Look up there, son!" said the mother bird, "Look up there, that's the blue sky, that's where we all go, fly in a circle, catch the early morning pray! And one day , you too, will a take flight, and be there with us" Last were these line, before the big tree by the river,… Continue reading Flightless Bird



Hey soldier! hey brother! did you want to be - a part of this? were you too bored of peace? I heard that you have trouble - falling asleep at night. There's no mother's lullaby only the war cry echoing in your ear. So tell me soldier, did you want this war?   Hey you!… Continue reading War


Bad Woman

Hey woman! has nobody told you- that you should not smoke - smoke like a man ? Has nobody told you- that you should not drink - drink like a man? Has nobody told you- that you should not dress dress as you want?   Has nobody told you- that should not be bold, you… Continue reading Bad Woman


One Zero Eight Four

Hello there, little one! don't know your name, but - your tag reads, "Body number One-Zero-Eight-Four". Wish I had known your name, 'cause how beautiful it is, To call someone by name. But now that you are dead, you're nothing but another - body in the pile of many more.   I've seen your old… Continue reading One Zero Eight Four


The One Who Left

I saw the days turning into months - and months into years, as we sat there, in two different towns - waiting for the first call. The call finally came, but - not how I expect it to come. It was another friend, calling me- Calling me to tell that you have left - and… Continue reading The One Who Left