One Zero Eight Four

Hello there, little one!

don’t know your name, but –

your tag reads, “Body number


Wish I had known your name,

’cause how beautiful it is,

To call someone by name.

But now that you are dead,

you’re nothing but another –

body in the pile of many more.


I’ve seen your old lady,

she still believes, that you –

lost your way back home –

from a few yards away.

And your brother told the press

that you were a Jihadi rat,

for a few doughs more.

So, now you are the one –

who planted the bomb,

and tried to run away.


Hey you, little one!

dead body number –


all the people now wants to know

who you were, and –

where you are from, ’cause –

now that you’re a deadman,

people want to care for you;

and, all that is trending now, is –

“Hashtag one-zero-eight-four,

We want to be like you”


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