Flightless Bird

“Look up there, son!”

said the mother bird,

“Look up there,

that’s the blue sky,

that’s where we all go,

fly in a circle, catch the early morning pray!

And one day , you too,

will a take flight,

and be there with us”

Last were these line,

before the big tree by the river,

took a fall in the hands of the-

chainsaw, and woodcutter.


And everbody else,

took a flight for some other tree

or some other place,

they have flown in dark,

they have flown in flock,

leaving behind the flightless little bird.

He remained behind,

forgotten as the fallen

while everybody else,

has left the place,

looking for the safety-

and comfort of the,

cradle of mother earth.


Oh! flightless little bird,

where will you go?

what will you feast on

now that everyone is gone?

will you soon die too?

by the steel plant,

where the tree once was?

or by the black water of the river?

which once ran clean?

Or will you flap your wing,

flap your wings, till they are strong

and you make past-

the death touch of greed?

Image Source: Personal (Gokarna trip, 2016)


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